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Hello, I'm Sidney Bohanen

I am a therapist with a love of all life, deeply rooted in gratitude and spirituality. I am grateful to be of service and assist clients who are facing complex, challenging life circumstances. From a spiritual standpoint, we are all given gifts, talents, and skills that better prepare us for challenging life circumstances. My gift happens to be having the skill set to help you find and use yours.

My Story

My path to becoming a therapist isn't your typical one. I wasn't a 20 something year old fresh out of undergrad, going straight in to the field. I had a lot of life experience on my way here that added to the guidance I am able to provide. I spent 31 years working at Ford Motor Company, leading hundreds of people in my time there to deliver a product that was "Built Ford Tough" (Shoutout to Detroit!). Though it required longs hours, being active in my children's lives was always really important to me. Those long hours and the lessons that came with them taught me the importance of people, relationships and family. I often participated and volunteered for school and after school activities. I also lead a lot of community events. In my interactions, I realized I genuinely have a love for helping people see themselves through some really tough moments. I was also blessed to be a husband twice in marriages that both lasted well over a decade. This sparked my desire to become a licensed therapist. In 2017, I went back to school to get my Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Since graduating, I became a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. I also received advanced training in trauma and affairs from the gold standard for couples therapy, the Gottman's. You can get an overview of The Gottman Method by watching the video and reading the information here. I truly believe that when it comes to being and showing up as your best self both as an individual and a member of relationship you learn the most from engaging with other people. Allow me to a part of that process for you.

My Approach

My approach to therapy is holistic and client-centered, embracing each individual's challenges and strengths. By recognizing the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit, I guide my clients toward a deeper understanding of themselves and their unique abilities to navigate life's difficulties.

I emphasize equipping clients with lifelong coping skills and a commitment to growth and strength that lasts past someone's time with me. Rather than simply addressing immediate concerns, my clients are encouraged and empowered to enhance their ability to understand and care for themselves, creating a sense of ownership and mastery over their own well-being. I prioritize team work and customization in therapy, honoring the independence and preferences of each client as they embark on their journey of personal growth and healing. This approach directly helps with the issues at hand and fosters a sense of control in the therapeutic process and in one's life.

My dedication to helping clients identify and replace unhelpful patterns with effective coping strategies is part of a deep understanding of the complex relationship between thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. By offering various options tailored to each client's goals, wants and needs, the client gets a supportive environment where they can actively engage in their healing and transformation. My commitment to holistic well-being, empowerment, and individualized care sets a strong foundation for meaningful and lasting change in my client's lives.

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